In 1988, Bülent Özgültekin entered tulle-curtain market by selling both wholesale and retail in Mahmutpaşa. In 1997, using his experience and knowledge, he made his first industrial investment by purchasing 4 embroidery machines and started manufacturing curtains.

In 2007, Özer Brode was founded in İstanbul. In 2012, a factory building with 2200 m2 closed area was constrcuted in Velimeşe, Çorlu. In this facility Bülent Özgültekin used newest technologies to improve production of Özer Brode.

Since its foundation, Özer Brode has been producing high quality products. In these days, yearly production capacity of Özer Brode has reached to 4,320,000 m2.

In 2017, Özer Brode purchased embroidery machines to diversify its production. Today, with its 21 machines, Özer Brode produces laces, curtains and guipures that are demanded and prefered by people from all over the world.

Our Lambada Brand

Branding has always been important for Özer Brode so necessary investments have been made since the first day of production. In 2004 “Lambada” was chosen as a brand name. We export our products from our store in Laleli, İstanbul to all over the world. Our Lambada Brand has become a trustworthy and demanded brand, with our high quality products.


Our vision is to follow a policy that contributes economy of Turkey; by following new trends and fashion, producing highest quality products and using latest technologies.

As a market maker company, our mission is to increase our country’s reputation in the world by raising our export volume.